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livejournal tea swap
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welcome to the livejournal tea swap community.
tea swaps will occur once monthly.
more information will be posted when we reach 5+ members (!!)

rules &guidelines
+ add the community to your friends/watch list
+ post intro that includes your age, location, and what kinds of tea you like/dislike, or if you have any allergies
+ no advertising
+ various discussion (recipes, websites, brewing, local, etc) involving tea is also suitable for this community!
+ tea only (obviously)
+ mail tea in 6x9 padded envelope
+ to keep the trade fair, send no less than 5 and no more than 10 tea bags (or equivalent, if sending loose tea) per swap
+ if sending a mixture of strongly scented tea (like chai) and lightly scented tea, separate them using ziploc bags or plastic wrap of some sort
+ if sending internationally, please mark customs label as 'gift'
+ make sure tea is marked so your swap partner knows what kind it is!
+ please consider deadlines when mailing; do not participate in swap if you cannot meet the monthly deadlines
+ be sure to fill out the sent/received poll
+ feel free to use the community to trade amongst yourselves outside of the monthly swap, as well!

moderator: girldust