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30 August 2007 @ 07:48 pm
Traveling Tea Box  
In less than twenty-four hours almost twenty people have already piped up that they'd like to be part of a traveling tea box, thus we shall have a Traveling Tea Box. (And you may add chocolate drinks, ciders, and other things of that assortment, if those to your heart compels, as well.) The rules will be simple, to keep this fun and fast and lacking in red tape.


1. You may take as little or much as you want. The only requirement is to put back at least the amount of what you take.

2. Please try to keep the box only one week, and contact me if it will take longer. (Envision that this is already twenty weeks = 5ish months, before others join in and shipping time is added in!)

3. Everytime the box is sent out there will be delivery confirmation purchased with it. I leave to your discretion on whether you want to ship by parcel post or priority, but delivery confirmation is only about seventy-five cents and a must.

(4. Not a must, or a rule. Sort of a 'please'. Take pictures as you can so we can document the growth of our love here.)

TeaBox signups at my journal;

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